A trust created between people

Damming the flow

members can appoint their own private agent aka “disputeresolutionangel”,
authorised, to act, “as”, “by” and or “for” members.

A Digital Age

Edutainment, training and support available
online 24/7.

Forward Thinking

Positive Mental Attitude. Growth.
Flowing with the law of
attraction and the power of

Problem Solvers

Agents/Trustees available to conduct “due-diligence”,
under your Power of Attorney


Various levels of
membership are available.
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Our Story

In the beginning there were 44 bunnies. That number has multiplied significantly. In an evolved society, comprising evolved people, existing upon a plentiful planet, where ample space exists for everyone; war, starvation, illness, corporate corruption, political corruption, and “money” created and controlled by privately owned banks; would simply not exist.

  • Ask the Right Questions 100%
  • Identify the Source:Foundation of any Claim 100%
  • Keep Original Records 100%
  • Seek Peaceful Resolution 100%



Our founder, spokesman, researcher,
resident guide, and all round hunk.

The Bunnies

The Bunnies

Guardians Custodians Stewards Protectors

Many eyes make many watchers.
Three eyes are better than two.

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Trustees WhiteRabbitTrust

Members of the Board of Trustees
remain anonymous. “Service-Names”
may be used from time to time.