Around 1078, the Bishop of Rochester completed building that which he had designed:
The White Tower. It was intended to protect the Island and the people from
the City of London. The Bishop’s name was Gundulf. Sound familiar?
The City of London [Square Mile] is the Financial Capital of the World.

Learn About Loans & Mortgages

Founded “in” the year ‘2008’, on Blighty [GB], Ninja-Jedii-Monks, lovingly known as “bunnies”, are a resonant-magnetic-force for good. Located across the globe, bunnies are “self-charged” with the ongoing task of watching, studying, probing, learning, questioning & unveiling: the lie we’ve all been sold as “life”.

Our membership comprises people from all “walks-of-life”, and whatever you consider your background to be: we are, all of us, ultimately: one family. Perhaps we all need to re-learn, and to re-live, and to re-breath that truth, a little more than we do presently.

You too can become part of the WhiteRabbitTrust by simply spreading the word, sharing links to our sites and or videos, and informing your friends and family that the “cavalry”, in the form of consciousness, has returned to planet earth, en masse! We’re connecting with people like you, and we’re multiplying fast. About Us:

The Truth about Mortgages

A Mort-gage (Death-Pledge) is granted by you, to the Bank. The Bank holds it [the Morgage] as a security. The “security” is treated as “cash” for accounting puposes. To find out more: Click the Rabbit.

The Truth is ...

Ignorance may be “bliss”, but what if that “ignorance” is costing you your life in the “now” and the “future”. Are you re-paying loans that were actually scams? Their “trick” is a simple one. It is shrouded with “complexity” designed to make you look-away. Click the Rabbit

The Truth about Loans

If a ‘promise to pay’ money is called “CASH” [see Bank of England Note], then what does a “Loan-Agreement” (aka “security”) become the moment you sign it? To find out more: Click the Rabbit

WhiteRabbitTrust: Student Coordinators

Unlock Your Potential and the Potential in "Others"

If you consider yourself experienced in the ways of the ninja-jedii-monk, and have either been aware of, and or played, the GAME for some time, why not bring people together and open their eyes? You can achieve this in a number of ways, and we may be able to support you. To find out more, and perhaps attend the webinar: click the button:

On Common Ground

Are You Living the Dream?

How important is it for you to know the truth about anything? In other words: if what you’ve been led to believe is founded on a lie; would you want to know?

Question Everything

One of the most powerful skills you can develop, is the ability to ask questions. Ninja Jedii Monks are aware that when “asking” questions, you act “as-king”. You have a crown do you not?

Sense & Reason

What man created; man can change.
The question is: do you have the will
to be the difference you wish to see?


My mind hasn’t stopped exploding with the game, nothing looks the same and I thank you.


Southend, Essex

Hello. what a great channel and a great clever man. I’ve watched lots of your videos and have been dipping my toes into the legal pool a bit to see how it feels and have had some great success! I thank you for that and would very much like to join your channel or movement etc


Good morning el Spaniardo! My favourite “quote of the moment” is yours: “I don’t earn any money I’m a monk” I’ve got to get that one in somewhere!


I respect what you’re doing and wish you loads of success


London, Blighty

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