Rabbits are magical and mysterious and full of life. They possess a deep connection with the sacred, eternal spirit of the earth.

The rabbit symbollises many things: abundance, comfort, and vulnerability. Naturally, rabbits are associated with fertility, sentiment, desire, and procreation.


Rabbit meanings are also closely linked to the seasons, and the changes of Mother Earth, especially during Spring-time: ie: new life, new beginnings and the undeniable underlying current of growth. The rabbit is a symbol of Ostara, an ancient Germanic fertility maiden Goddess. She is the epitome of celebrating new life; the expectant one, and her vision only sees potential.

In every nuance of experience, Ostara sees indwelling life, and keeps her attention honed there. She’s the reason spring unleashes its vitality – because she, Ostara, has kept her light bright, her vigil of life strong, and her focus of promise; even in the leanest months of winter.

Rabbits prompt us to connect with the Mother in deeper ways. For example: rabbits prefer to be on the ground; they are true earth element animals.
Rabbits are burrowers, and their deep, maze-like tunnels symbolize connections with primal energies as well as Mother Earth energies.

We are encouraged to retreat within, get warm, and collect ourselves.

Rabbits love to chew. Symbolically, chewing implies repetition, contemplation, and the breaking down of concepts into component parts.

Rabbit people often have fast reflexes and good coordination, are highly observational and alert, gentle and nurturing, as well as clever and quick-witted. They are quick to succeed and are highly skilled at success, not only in their own lives, but in advising those around them. They can instinctively sense what paths lead to danger, and which to success.

In Buddhist culture, it is said that the Buddha, disguised as a hare, threw himself into the fire, as sacrifice to the god Indra. His reward was to live an eternal life as the moon. The ancient Mayans thought the moon’s change of phase resembled the motion of a jumping rabbit.

The moon is often depicted as a rabbit in many cultures, thus lending associations of deep intuition and emotionality. The rabbit symbolizes reflection.

The white rabbit is often seen as a guide; leading the way to the rabbit hole.

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