John M

Hi Simon. First A very big thank you for all your amazing work. I have listened to you for a few years now you are a real champion of the highest calibre. I have noticed the last few weeks your videos seem to be unavailable on YouTube I hope everything is okay for you. I did try to produce some leaflets on lawful rebellion, to hand out to the public, but my literary skills and not great A friend has offered to edit them for me– I’ll try again. I was wondering if you wish to construct your own leaflet that could be e-mailed to myself and anybody else that wished to receive it and be used to produce leaflets that we could hand out to spread the word of what Great work you do. Hope this finds you in great health and should you ever been in the West Cork area I would be honoured to give you food and Shelter

Have a great year stay safe, sound and Savvy

Re Mortgage Seminar Nov 2015. Hi Simon, It was a BRILLIANT day of enlightenment and reinforcing the belief….love your energy and outlook at it all…..It prompted me to delve into my paperwork, uncovering loads of things I had not previously considered.



Terry A

Re the WRT video – I’m on the wrong planet get me outta here. its sooo funny, have watched the cameo about 15 times and its still cracking me up… just sent it to my mate… who also sees stupid people everywhere and is always moaning about it to me…. she cracked up too…lol take best of care 😉



Sophie G

hey si, Look after yourself man and remember you’ve ploughed the furrow and set the standard an total respect to you. You’re job doesn’t have to be done but you’ve done a mighty fine job even if you did nothing else. There is apathy but also take solace that a lot of us have strength because of you.

Nik P

Scott J

hello spaniard.

i have been watching your videos.  i would love to learn more.  i am just starting to get my head around some of the smaller details.  its driving me crazy as the more i watch the more i want to know :D. the stuff ive seen in your videos i think is amazing,
please can u add me to the news letter,

J Torrans

Hope 2016 brings you health, wealth, and happiness. With all the info you have kindly supplied me with, I hope to be putting it to good use in 2016, thanks Simon, wishing you a spectacular new year :-) ,

Hi Si, It’s Nige from Manchester.

I came down to see you Nov 14 ( where did the time go?!)

So glad you’re back! Peace




I’ve suffered for 10 years with this craps. Also I have so much on my side IMHO. I’m glad there are people like yourself who are helping people like me, all we need to sort out now is how you get a fair share for your work, that’s where the lien comes in. Excellent work Brother, I have total confidence in you and what you are doing. Peace. X



Sean G

Ah, glad to hear you’re ok bud… I’ll will be watching with anticipation. And a personal thank you from me for opening my mind to the illusion we live under.


Big love and appreciation: Daniel C

Ola Si, Just wanted to fire over an email on behalf of my self and the missus to say thanks for a thoroughly entertaining and educational day yesterday. Although i walked out feeling like i had been to a night of hard acid techno, that feeling soon dissipated as the info filtered in. I’m not quite sure how you manage to talk for that long and keep giving relevant and coherent information, guess it’s just practice. Anyway, we would both like to confirm if possible for the weekend in the woods, in july.

Kevin T

D Thanks for everything and the Love you’re putting out there man! :) Best wishes.

Hi there, Just watched your Part 1 video on YouTube ‘Challenge Your Mortgage’.

Be great to receive other links and your Dossier as mentioned.

Keep up the great work and spreading the truth!  Many thanks



Some ‘pirates’ (Barnet Council) have just stuck a PCN on my windscreen I was parked on a single line, half on the path.

The video info is outstanding, could you send me the content I need to write to them after they’ve doubled it from £55 to £110 which is the next stage I guess – I am unsure if this would work in my case but its disgraceful and I wondered if this applied to ANY PCN or just some?

Thank you in advance keep up the great work!



Hi Si , thank you for your hospitality yesterday. I also thank you for your labours of research. I sat quiet, quite mesmerized at your presentation. I travelled quite a way just to listen to you , I hope we can stay in touch

Chris F. Grimsby

Lawrence B

you are doing a great job at exposing all the mess, wish i lived nearer to be able to offer support, if you ever need to come up to edinburgh area, my home would be made available to you to utilise, (keep in mind, you never know!) anyway, thanks for reading and take care,

Simeon A

Dear Si, I have recently listened to most of your and Richy (lawful rebellion) recorded conversation (Nov 2014).
It is refreshing, encouraging and supportive to hear such intelligent conversation. When we are compelled (internal conviction) by what truth we have been given (revealed), then to move with such, often sharing more to those that should know (they being accountable to such), how interesting our days become – the story you shared of the financial manager who said it was the best 400 pound he had spent speaking with you (compensation), was really great.

Thank-you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge within the financial realm.
God Bless you and your work Si, take care,

Phil B

Hi Si, Really enjoyed it last weekend. Started my own research into taking on GE money, my mortgage provider, and  trusts (to try and protect myself) and have began to spread the word.
Many thanks for the attachments and all of your hard work. It’s much appreciated.

Eric S

Here in Norn’ Iron’ we have not, to my knowledge, had the pleasure of you company. Is there any plans in the future to visit our sunny shores. I can assure that you will not contract myxomatosis whilst building a warren.  I have been a convert to your teachings and have used some of your suggestions to thwart those who would seek to destroy me. Many thanks

Eva P

Thank you so ……for being you..and your quest……and never giving up………it’s all for us…..I know……thank you…from the bottom of my heart. …

Brendalyn V

Hi Hispaniola,
My name is Brendalyn (Breni) for short, I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube. i think you’re great and I really need your help.

Saul S

Hey Simon, I truly love your work and commend you on you amazing commitment to all the poor sod’s that are forced into slavery everyday without consent or knowledge.You noble fuck, hehe. Anyway i recommend your knowledge to many and respect you highly, especially your humour. Stay safe and travel far through

Space and Time, Regards .


Dear Spaniardo, Please subscribe me for your newsletter. Thank you in advance. Greets from Holland, helping the people in the Netherlands.

Linda Keneally

Hi there, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your posts and videos regarding bank fraud. Today my husband and I had our possession order struck out of the Circuit Court in Dublin Ireland. We watched your you tube videos, which started us on a long road of research and self education. Today all the hard work and study paid off. Thank you for opening our eyes and encouraging us to stand up and be counted. Forever your friend,

Keith A

great weekend si, great to have such an informative yet relaxing chillout with such good people…….. keep up the excellent work that you are doing and good luck with santander. hope you and your lady enjoyed the crate and vino you are most welcome……had a super time…… many thanks

John T

Hi Si…  We.. Cathy and I.. “got together bout 4 yrs ago… and at first she thought I was mad … re your banking … poll tax… currency vids etc… I moved into her property… everything in her name… so in order to “move forward” ..need Cathy to have same POV….To that end… I believe it really helped…
Shame we didn’t get to chat.. I could see that others wanted your time.. so stood back.. hey-ho!
ps.. the questions I asked were for the benefit of others… Cathy etc… and not for moi.. cos I get it..
pps.. I understand it must be strange ….insofar as I feel I know you from your vids etc… whereas you don’t know me from jack shit.. (there are some funny vids bout Jack shite…which I’m sure you’ve seen.. lol).. that’s life when your a “famous bunnie”…

Hi, love the MORTGAGE CHALLENGE information , just one question, do you have any sample letter/ any helpful information you could sent me please, Thanks

Jon H

Keep up the great work guys and gals.

People power will always win in the end.



Gerry R

Hope to meet up some time. Keep missing your warren meetings.

Must try harder :-)

Brian J

Dan & Georgina

hi si, many thanks for the invite and the chance to meet some incredible highly informed people. Both george and myself had a great experience and considering we have only really been learning a short time listening to you and the other speakers is certainly a fast track way to getting up to speed on all this.
i did nearly get tempted to get up on the mike at one point although it’s not something i have done before, if you do end up doing another event at some point i’ll have to get me bollox pulled up and crack on. i think with a bit of prep i should be ok.
we really do appreciate the work that you’re doing and the inspiration you give to others, if there is ever anything we can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.
hope to speak soon. all the best

Kevin T

D Thanks for everything and the Love you’re putting out there man! :) Best wishes.

Hi there, Just watched your Part 1 video on YouTube ‘Challenge Your Mortgage’.

Be great to receive other links and your Dossier as mentioned.

Keep up the great work and spreading the truth!  Many thanks



Hi spaniard,

ive followed you where i can. loving your work, and can see the struggle with them being a law to themselves. am i right in thinking once my clients money is in the account then the bank kind of owns that money?

Scott A.

You’re a crackup El Spaniardo – I love getting emails from you.

Much love to you and the other bunnies from far far away in a land down under (g’day).